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Obermayer German Jewish History Award 2015 


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titelneuAlso I want to inform you about my current publication. The year 2018 is marked by the 80th anniversary of the three major state-controlled anti-Semitic actions of 1938. The "Juni-Aktion", the "Polenaktion" and the Pogrom Night also claimed victims in the County of Altenburg. On 16th June 1938, Israel Soltes from Altenburg was arrested in the course of the "Juni-Aktion" and deported to Buchenwald concentration camp, 54 people from Altenburg and Meuselwitz were on a list of expulsion of the "Polenaktion" on 28th October 1938 and The Pogrom Night in the early morning of 10th November 1938 not only marked the end of the Jewish prayer room and the "afternoon school" for Jewis children in the Pauritzer Straße but also brought close to 30 people from Altenburg, Gößnitz and Meuselwitz in police custody, before 17 of them were transferred to Buchenwald concentration camp on 11th and 12th November 1938. These three anti-Semitic actions have changed the face of the town of Altenburg and the lives of many people. The memorial brochure "Days of fate" illuminates the course of the actions, the victims and their fate. Extensive images and illustrations by artist Anthony Lowe complete the documentation.

The most important data for the book can be found here:

Title: Schicksalstage / Days of fate
Language: German/English
Author: Christian Repkewitz
Publisher: self-published
Binding: Softcover
Number of pages: 96 (without book cover)
Format: 170 x 240 mm
ISBN: 978-3-00-061146-9
Publishing date: October 28th, 2018
Price: 11,90 Euro (plus shipping)

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