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Obermayer German Jewish History Award 2015 


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GVV web2021 marked the 150th anniversary of the inauguration of the Altenburg Court Theater and later State Theater. At the same time, the Free State of Thuringia had proclaimed the theme year "900 years of Jewish life in Thuringia". The anniversaries were reason enough for the author to deal with the Jewish cultural life of the town of Altenburg.

The book “Gefeiert! Verfolgt. Vergessen?” (“Celebrated! Persecuted. Forgotten?”) sheds light on the life and suffering of Jewish artists who worked at the Altenburg Theater or on other stages in the town as well as those that come out the small Jewish community of the town. The publication is supplemented by introductory articles on Jewish cultural life in the Altenburg County and on the history of the Altenburg Theater. Many of the portrayed artists were celebrated - quite a few of them far beyond the town limits. Some of the Jewish artists working in Altenburg were favorites of the public. Numerous Jews working artistically in Altenburg were persecuted, and quite a few fell victim to the Shoah. Ultimately, the publication is intended to help ensure that the life and work of Jewish artists is not forgotten.

GFZLAnother current book project began in 2017 when Olaf Strassmann asked me if I would like to work with him on his biography. Work on the book ended in 2020, but Olaf decided to go through the numerous forums again on his next visit and take a last look at the text. Unfortunately, that didn't happen anymore. First of all, the Covid pandemic ruined a visit from Olaf, in 2021 Olaf suffered a stroke from which he unfortunately never recovered. Olaf Strassmann died on September 1, 2021 and was not just a friend and good person to talk to, but also a contemporary witness that was so important for Altenburg. So I had to finish the book project on my own and decided to devote an extra chapter to him myself and to let people who appreciated Olaf and knew him well have their say. The result is a - his - life story with many photos from different phases of his life and some good memories of a special person.

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